Long life training for workers



From 1 January 2015, all private sector employees have a personal training account valid from when they first join the labour market until they retire. Every employee receives 24 hours per year worked (for a full-time post) until they reach a threshold of 120 hours, and after they have reached the 120 hours threshold, 12 hours a year until they reach the threshold of 150 hours. The number of hours stated on the account can be supplemented at the time of use if the holder does not have sufficient time credit to complete the course taken. It can be topped up by the employer, the account holder himself or herself, the professional branches of industry or by the national employment agency. If the holder is unemployed, their account can be supplemented by the state or the regional employment authority in the area which the person lives in. 


In order to be eligible to the personal training account, courses must be training programmes awarding a professional qualification which meet the anticipated needs of the economy in the short or medium term and which benefit the employee by safeguarding his or her career path. The list of such professional qualification (slightly over 40,000 trainings) is set by social partners at national or regional level. These training programmes will allow participants to obtain a nationally recognised qualification from one or more professional branches of industry.  The way in which the personal training account is used will be determined by the employee. The account cannot be debited without the consent of the account holder and is transferable between different jobs.

Since 1 January 2017, the Personal Training Account has been included in the occupational personal accounts which deeply reformed labour law, defined the content of this account and its operating procedures. This account was extended to all workers, including individuals who are self-employed and public servants, in January 2018.

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