La réforme du bac 2021

Emmanuel Macron pledged to overhaul the Bac as it is known, during his presidential campaign, saying it was failing to adequately prepare teenagers for university and the modern job market.

On February 14th 2018, Edouard Philippe, prime Minister presented the new reform:


> The final exam, the baccalauréat, will focus on two major subjects, two minor subjects, and an oral exam, instead of covering 10-15 disparate topics. The exams will count for 60%, and 40 % will be based on 1ère and terminal grades.

  1. Common topics: French, philosophy, History/Geography, civic education, sport, sciences and numeric.


  1. Specialities (2 to be chosen): arts, ecology, politics, humanities, languages, maths, informatics, biology, engineering, economy, physic.


  1. Orientation: 1H30 per week


  1. Facultative options: 1 or 2 possible: arts, sports, 3rd language, maths, challenges of modern world, French/literature.

>The three broad subject choices -- science, literature or social sciences – would be eliminated.

>The goals are multiple: better prepare students to University, valorise the daily attendance and implication and as well save money: mobilizing supervisors and setting up mass testing centres cost the state €57 million ($71 million) last year. 


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